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Sedona. A Magical Vacation.

Many surveys and travel destination professionals rank Sedona highly as a vacation destination. The USA WEEKENDs Annual Travel Report rates Sedona as the most beautiful place in America and Rand McNally ranks the route through Sedona up the Oak Creek Canyon as a top five scenic drive in the entire country. With over four million visitors each year, Sedona ranks only behind the Grand Canyon as the most visited spot in Arizona.

One thing for sure, those that visit are rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views the world has to offer. And photographers can never begin to portray the amazing beauty to be discovered in the Red Rock Country of Sedona Az. It's rugged yet gentle and soothing. It's rustic yet elegantly contemporary. It's a place of four colorful seasons with year-round comfortable temperatures conducive for almost any recreation or adventure.

Sedona colors against brilliantly blue skies are like a natural fiesta. Reds, oranges, peaches and hues of gold. Lush greenery, thick forests and towering sycamore trees accent the shimmering Oak Creek where reflections of incredible views flow down-creek to tantalize the world. The images are awe-inspiring and provoke the senses.

The whole Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon is a land of contrast and diverse interest. That's just one of the things that makes it such a tourist magnet. There's just so much to see, absorb and enjoy. It attracts the backcountry-hiking enthusiasts who hike canyons that are otherwise inaccessible. Many prefer the visual tranquility in its simplest fashion like delicate wildflowers peaking from crevices in redrock formations, spectacular rainbows high above statuesque cliffs and stunning sunsets. Others are drawn to the small town charm and its artisans and unique galleries. Sedona is a haven for ancient historical buffs. A place abundant in ancient Indian ruins that dot the entire area and new evidence of prehistoric artifacts are being discovered frequently on cliff-sides where they've been hidden for thousands of years.

Pound-for-pound there's more tour guides and adventure tours than almost any other place in the country. Jeep tours, balloon tours, helicopter tours, trolley tours, horseback tours and trail rides, guided hiking treks and even tours to sites long believed to be spiritual energies emanating from inner earth. There are endless attractions in Sedona. Historical, cultural, scenic and metaphysical. Perhaps one of the most exciting is the Verde Canyon Railroad tour into the strikingly beautiful Verde Canyon that traces the original railway route through tunnels alongside the Verde River. You can almost hear the sounds of the old west.

Sedona seems to be the center gateway access to all that makes northern Arizona so outstanding. Like Flagstaff Arizona, the Grand Canyon, the historic town of Jerome and magical lands of the Navajo, Hopi and other Indian Tribes of the Southwest. Places like the Snow Bowl ski slopes, Meteor Crater, the Petrified Forest, the Painted Desert and Lake Powell where the Colorado River enters the beginning of the Grand Canyon.

Sedona is not just an ever-enlarging vacation destination, it's a booming mecca of where beautiful weddings begin. It's an environment that spawns romance making it the ideal honeymoon spot where the couples return often to celebrate their most memorable lifetime event. Wedding resources and expert professional planners are abundant in Sedona.

Sedona is named for a lovely lady. Is it any wonder the area is a special touch of Mother Nature. This entire area was once covered by seas millions of years ago. With the withdrawal of waters, dynamic earthly changes occurred. Breathtaking rock formations were created and all that surrounded became a gift of nature for a lifetime to enjoy.

All that is magical can be discovered here. That's Sedona Arizona. The most magical vacation paradise in America.

Article compliments of Dream Sedona, an online Sedona Tourist and Vacation Guide.

102 Things to do in Sedona

1.     Explore Uptown Sedona by riding the Sedona RoadRunner
2.     Visit Out of Africa Wildlife Park
3.     a Golf at one of Sedona’s 18-hole Courses a
4.     Take a specialty jeep tour a
5.     Get your aura photographed
6.     Receive a spiritual reading
7.     Hike to the bottom of Montezuma’s Well
8.     Visit Montezuma Castle National Monument
9.     Visit Tuzigoot National Monument
10.   Explore Dead Horse Ranch State Park
11.   Visit Red Rock State Park
12.   Visit Fort Verde State Park
13.   Explore Jerome State Historical Park
14.   Attend a Creative Life Center lecture
15.   Enjoy dinner and show at Blazin’ M Ranch
16.   Take the Verde Canyon Train
17.   Try Gambling at Cliff Castle Casino
18.   Grab a pad and sketch the Red Rocks
19.   Spend time bird watching
20.   Enjoy a latte at one of Sedona’s coffee houses
21.   Enjoy a movie at Harkins Theatre
22.   Study about Sedona’s vortexes
23.   Dine at one of the many restaurants
24.   Hike one or more of the 100+ trails in the Coconino National Forest
25.   View Native American art & jewelry or watch artists
        create masterpieces at local galleries
26.   Have a picnic and spend the day at Slide Rock State Park
27.   Enjoy a scenic drive around the Verde Valley
28.   Take a guided day trip to the Grand Canyon
29.   Try buffalo, rattlesnake and cactus fries at local eateries
30.   Visit Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village
31.   Enjoy our very own microbrewery – Oak Creek Brewery
32.   Visit one of the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Centers
33.   Ride the Sedona Trolley
34.   Check out Hozho Distinctive Shops & Galleries
35.   Relax poolside at one of Sedona’s lovely resorts 
36.   Shop at Hillside Sedona!
37.   Save over $1,500 on local attractions, restaurants and
       activities with the Sedona SuperPass
38.   Relax and enjoy the views and cool evenings
39.  a Shop at Oak Creek Factory Outlets a
40.   Visit the Free Ringing Rocks Foundation Museum
41.   Visit the Sedona Art Center
42.   Get a tarot card reading
43.   Visit local galleries to view western themed art
44.   Play a round of tennis
45.   Go for a swim at the Sedona community pool
46.   Have a picnic at Posse Ground or Sunset Park
47.   Ride your skateboard at the Sedona Skate Park
48.   Take a self-guided walking tour of Historic Uptown
49.   Visit one of the Sedona area wineries and wine shops
50.   Visit the Museum of Northern Arizona
51.   Hike the Bird Sanctuary in Page Springs
52.   Enjoy a prickly pear cactus drink
53.   Get a bird's eye view of the Verde Valley in a hot-air balloon
54.   Visit the unique Chapel of the Holy Cross
55.   Enjoy the Javelinas on Parade public art project –
       more than 40 sculptures on display
56.   Take the free “First Friday Gallery Tour,” by the Sedona
       Gallery  Association
57.   Savor the many bookstores and book signings
58.   Watch the sunset at the airport overlook
59.   Purchase ared rock dirt shirt
60.   Explore the architecture of the beautiful homes in Sedona
61.   Get romantic at one of Sedona’s Bed & Breakfasts
62.   Shop for antiques in the Verde Valley
63.   Get a manicure or pedicure with your own version of a
        red-rock color
64.   Take a yoga class
65.   See outdoor art and sculptures
66.   Go for a hike on the popluar  West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon
67.   Take the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams to the Grand Canyon
68.   Visit Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff
69.   Put on "Wild West" costumes for a Vintage Portrait at
       Olde Tyme PhotoWorks Uptown
70.   Visit the 200-acre botanical garden at the Arboretum in Flagstaff
71.   Check out a live performance at local events
72.   Visit the Institute for Eco-Tourism for a fun environmental experience
73.   Take a journey through a Sedona Labyrinth
74.   Soar above the red rocks in a bi-plane
75.   Take a vortex lecture at the Institute of Ecotourism
76.   Experience an intuitive / psychic reading
77.   Nurture your mind and body at a spiritual & wellness retreat
78.   Visit the Sedona Public Library and the Sedona  Schnebly statue
79.   Go visit and hike in Wupatki and Walnut Canyon.
80.   Take a Hummer tour or other specialty ground tour
81.   Take a day trip to Jerome
82.   Fish and swim in the Verde River
83.   Take a day trip to the Hopi Reservation
84.   Take an air tour to the Grand Canyon
85.   Shop, dine and soak in the view at the Hyatt Pinon Pointe Center
86.   Check out Sedona’s spiritual bookstores and gift shops
87.   Try a vortex veggie sandwich or vortex pizza
88.   Drop in for a 2nd Tuesday film with the Sedona International
        Film Festival
89.   Make a bead necklace at one of Sedona’s bead shops
90.   a Rent a Harley and drive the scenic roads of Sedona
91.   Indulge in a hot stone massage at one of the many spas
92.   Enjoy a refreshing Sedona ice cream treat
93.   See Sedona from above on a helicopter ride
94.   Take in a Shakespeare Sedona performance at Tlaquepaque
95.   Visit Clemenceau Heritage Museum
96.   Send a souvenir email postcard from Sedona
97.   Catch a trout in Oak Creek
98.   Go hiking at Red Rock Crossing and have a picnic at
        Crescent Moon
99.    Enjoy live entertainment at local businesses a
100.  Play a round of mini-golf
101.  Visit the Sedona Heritage Museum, listed on the National
        Register of Historic Places
102.  Or enjoy star gazing with Sedona’s dark skies

   a Located in the Village of Oak Creek

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